Green Aventurine Healing Stone Necklace Silver

Meaning - CREATIVITY. CONFIDENCE. SUCCESS. Best worn with a smile and whilst planning your next adventure.
products.manufacturer: Daisy London
products.sku: HN1001_SLV

Ethical and eco-conscious, our jewellery is designed with love and made to last, with a six month warranty on all of our pieces for peace of mind.

Every Daisy piece is lovingly crafted in recycled 925 sterling silver, with high quality gold plating on gold styles. We believe quality shines through.


Material: Sterling Silver

Style No: HN1001_SLV

Dimensions: Stone measures 8mm

How did we ever live without this? The vibrant green Aventurine is the luckiest of all the crystals, bringing confidence and prosperity. Stimulating our need to persevere, it creates a sense of optimism and hope. Inspiring the imagination to enhance creativity, this stone helps to visualise alternative solutions and possibilities.

Crafted in sterling silver featuring a beautiful stone pendant, the Green Adventure Healing Stone necklace is perfect for mix & match layering or alone for minimal chic.

Green Aventurine Healing Stone Necklace is also available in gold.