Labradorite Healing Stone Necklace 18Ct Gold Plate

Meaning - POSITIVITY. INTUITION. IMAGINATION. SUSTAINABLITY - Ethical and eco-conscious, our jewellery is designed with love and made to last, with a six month warranty on all of our pieces for peace of mind. 925 STERLING SILVER Every Daisy piece is lovingly crafted in recycled 925 sterling silver, with high quality gold plating on gold styles. We believe quality shines through.
products.manufacturer: Daisy London
products.sku: HN1007_GP


Material: 18ct Gold Plate

Style No: HN1007_GP

Dimensions: Stone measures 8mm

The iridescent sheen of Labradorite is said to awaken the inner spirit and heighten awareness of one's surroundings. A protector against pessimism, Labradorite helps us to push negative feelings aside and instead encourages us to be the best version of ourselves by eliminating insecurities and enhancing confidence.

The Labradorite Healing Stone necklace is hand crafted in 18ct gold plated sterling silver featuring a round Labradorite stone and an on-trend bobble chain.

Wear jewellery with meaning and feel the positive energy of each healing stone.